Canadian Jeweler Magazine features Potentate Mining

The following is an excerpt from an article publised on the Canadian Jeweler Magazine website. Written by Gemologist & Journalist Isabella Yan.

Widely known as teal, this dark cyan-like hue was originally named after the bluish-green stripe around the eyes of an Eurasian duck. In recent years, the gem’s mesmerizing marine hue – reminiscent of serene oceans and the mysterious green of our lands has redefined the jewellery market for unique colored gemstones, capturing the imaginations of consumers especially amongst the millennial and Gen Z. The USA is amongst teal sapphire’s most ardent consumers, followed by Australia, France, UK, and Asia. Public awareness regarding teal sapphires has grown in the last five years and will continue to grow, says Navneet Agarwal, Marketing Manager of Navneet Gems & Minerals Limited Co., a gem manufacturer based in Bangkok.

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